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NoBystanders after homophobic attack on TSSA member

1 February 2018

Last night (Wednesday), a TSSA LGBT+ activist was harassed by a member of the public during a branch meeting for speaking about our #NoBystanders campaign in a Doncaster pub called The Leopard Doncaster. The member of the public used the words like ‘poofter’ to describe our activist.

When our activist complained to the pub’s management, their response was “it is a public bar, people can say what they like".

This is unacceptable, and we must call out anyone that allows homophobic rhetoric in their business. TSSA is a proud supporter of our LGBT+ members and proud partner of Stonewall UK. We are proud of our #NoBystanders campaign, which everyone who signs the pledge commits to refuse to be a bystander to homophobic or transphobic rhetoric or actions. Sign our pledge to show your acceptance without exception:

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