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Northern Ireland Railways proposals for cutbacks

10 November 2011

TSSA met with the company and the other unions in Belfast 09/11/2011. The meeting was arranged after the previous meeting that took place 18/10/2011.


TSSA met with the company and the other unions in Belfast 09/11/2011. The meeting was arranged after the previous meeting that took place 18/10/2011.

Discussions took place on the Half Million pounds savings the company is proposing. The Unions objected to the first method of suppressing positions and offering to a limited amount of people a voluntary redundancy package.

The Unions pointed out that if the company were to open up the voluntary redundancy to all grades it would be likely to meet the figures they are proposing.

The company informed unions that fare evasion was only 2% to 3% of income, the unions stated that figure did not seem realistic, and that the company should investigate the total amount of fare evasion and that all means of fare enforcement should be looked at.

The Unions also pointed out to the company that the proposed term appointments did not make sense, and that if the company wanted to increase the passengers numbers from 10 million to 20 million, then the company would need more, not less staff.

The letter below was the document that was again presented to the unions with one paragraph deleted after objections from the unions that the paragraph did not express correctly what had taken at the previous meeting.

The company took onboard the unions concerns and comments and will arrange a future meeting with the unions in the coming weeks.

It must be pointed out that this document presented to the unions is a draft document only and that no full official negotiations by any of the unions have taken place. TSSA look upon this document as a discussion document only and are not tied into any negotiations in regard to the items within the document.

All the unions agreed that there will be no forced redundancies, and this was echoed by all unions to the company.
The date for the next meeting is to announce by the company and a circular will be forwarded to all TSSA members of any new developments stemming from this meeting.

TSSA request that if you are aware of any of your co-workers that have not received this information, could you please convey the information within.


20 October 2011

Dear Jim


Following our meeting on Tuesday, I confirm the number of positions to be reduced are as follows:


-1 Ballymena

-1 Botanic

-1 Lisburn


Total -6


-1 Central Area

Total -3


-1 Antrim

- ½ Yorkgate


Total -3½


In relation to potential vacancies I have outlined below a number of positions that may arise. As discussed I will be in a position to confirm these positions by the end of the month.

Londonderry - Clerical position in bus (permanent)

Londonderry - Signallers position (3 year fixed term)

Castlerock - Signallers position (3 year fixed term)

Coleraine - Signallers position (permanent)

Coleraine - Clerical position in bus (permanent)

Coleraine - Senior CSC (permanent)

Ballymena - CSC (permanent)

Central Area - Senior CSC (permanent)

GVS - Clerical scale 2 (permanent)

Portadown Line - Supervisor CS2 (permanent)

Portadown - Senior CSC (permanent)

Larne Harbour - Conductor (permanent)

In relation to conductors the current numbers will remain in Londonderry. However during the period of closure, flexibility will be required in relation to bus transfer end station duties in particular, the Londonderry and Portrush lines.

As requested we would be able to offer voluntary redundancy in the first instance to the following grades and locations:

Clerical - Londonderry, Ballymena, Lisburn, Botanic

Supervisor - Coleraine, Central Area

CSC – Londonderry, Antrim

It is our intention to write to individuals outlining the above once we are in a position to confirm available vacancies which we anticipate being at the end of this month.

Finally I confirm our next meeting is Wednesday 9th November at 10.00am in room 5 at 22 Great Victoria Street.

If you have any queries in relation to this matter please feel free to contact me.







-2 Londonderry
-2 Coleraine
-3 Londonderry
Manpower Efficiencies





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