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NORTHERN: Management Restructure

17 January 2018

Your TSSA Representatives from the Management Company Council met with your employer on Monday to listen to proposals for changes to the current management structure. The company believe these changes are justified in their drive for “continuous improvement and business efficiency”.

Your representatives are currently in the process of reviewing these proposals in preparation for full consultation.

As a union we asked the company for assurances against compulsory redundancies. The company were unable to offer any such guarantee, but agreed they will work with us to ensure that they will be avoided as much as possible. Your representatives will endeavour to save as many jobs as possible, and ensure that any member facing either redundancy, redeployment or any other significant change, receives as much support and guidance as necessary.

Staff that are potentially affected by these proposals should have already been informed by their line managers.

Get In Touch.

Any member concerned about any aspect of these changes is asked in the first instance to contact either:

·        Lawrence Jones – 07795 008 388

·        Stephen Turner – 07393 798 881

·        Paul Murphy – 07880 171 980

Time For Everyone To Join.

Obviously these are worrying/concerning times, not just for those of you that may be facing job losses, but also those who will potentially have their workloads increased, responsibilities realigned.

TSSA hold sole bargaining rights for management grades with Northern. TSSA representatives can, and will, only provide support and guidance to TSSA members.

If you are not already a member, now maybe the time for you and your colleagues to join.

Join online NOW –


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