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30 May 2018


NORTHERN: Managers Working Time Survey & the companies response.



Some of you will have received an email recently giving detail and a link to a survey to be conducted by your union about the working time practises of the Management population at Northern. You will also have received a later email from Northern asking you not to respond to said survey. This seems rather ludicrous to us, as we were of the firm belief that we had agreed to work with your employer on reviewing and tackling issues around people working excessive hours, presenteeism, workloads etc.

In the email from your employer they say “We’re always mindful of any additional hours that colleagues work” and encourage you to raise any concerns about your overall workload. So if they are mindful of your additional hours and workloads, and they had agreed to work with us, why would they then ask that you do not respond to an email/survey asking question on that exact issue? A survey that has been presented to you by the Trade Union that is recognised as, and holds collective bargaining rights for all non-executive grade managers at Northern. We as your representatives would be failing in our duty to represent if we did not provide our members and potential members a way and means of raising issues through us to be presented as a collective at the appropriate Management Council meeting.

As such our message remains the same, but now carries a bit more emphasis on the need for you and your colleagues to respond to the survey, as we feel that the company has somewhat stepped back from their commitment to work with us to address the real concerns of our members.

So, What Should You Do With The Survey ?

We know time is precious, but please spare a few minutes to complete the survey. It will help us get a full understanding of the extent of the issue and allow us to present your concerns fully to your employer.

All survey answers will be treated with the strictest confidence and only relevant information will be shared with your employer.

Click on this link to go to survey:

Please either forward this survey on to your management colleagues, or make them aware that it can be accessed from the Northern pages of the TSSA website -

 If you are a Northern Manager and you are not yet a member of TSSA, now is the time to join. TSSA has sole bargaining rights for all non-executive grade managers and joining could not be easier, simply click HERE.

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