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Northern pay negotiations - latest

4 July 2018

By way of an update and on behalf of the Joint Negotiating Committee, which consists of the four recognised Trades Unions, namely RMT, ASLEF, Unite and the TSSA, we regrettably write to inform you our membership that having today met with representatives of the Arriva Rail North Management Team to continue and reconvene our discussions relating to pay, that we have been unable to reach a resolution or agreement.

It is important to advise you, the affected member, that all four unions have collectively and unanimously rejected the slightly revised offer presented at today’s meeting. The offer consists of the following:

A 3:75% increase to rates of pay.


£825:00, whichever the greater to the lowest paid within the company.

Whilst noting this revised offer, it has sadly fallen below and does not meet with the aspirations of all four trade unions as contained within our respective submission documents. To be clear our collectively agreed submissions concentrated on four aspects:

  1. a 4:1% increase to rates of pay (utilising the January 2018 Retail Price Index Figure) or £850:00 to the lowest paid.
  2. a reduction in the working week to 32 hours.
  3. improvements in Maternity, Paternity and Parental rights.
  4. Full Travel Facilities for all employees.

Your union negotiating representatives believe that by accepting an offer which falls below RPI, increases the differential/demarcation values as to that of your colleagues employed within other Train Operating Companies.

In closing, each union will now escalate matters to their respective Executive Committees for due consideration, whereby we will collectively reject acceptance of the offer,

All four unions remain available for further negotiations, should the need arise.

In the meantime should you have any queries relating to the above, then please feel free to contact your respective officers and representatives?


Micky Thompson - RMT Regional Organiser
Nick Whitehead - ASLEF Full Time Officer
Sharon Ramsden - Unite Full Time Officer
Chris Hargrave - TSSA Full Time Officer

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