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NORTHERN PAY TALKS 2018 - update

18 May 2018


As you are aware representatives from TSSA and our sister unions, RMT, ASLEF and Unite, met with your employer recently to continue the current pay talks.


These pay talks cover all pay grades other then management grades, who will be covered in separate talks at a later date yet to be confirmed. But as you will acutely be aware, the outcome of these pay talks generally has an impact on what we can expect at the management round, hence why I am writing to you all.


Prior to this latest meeting your employer had received comprehensive pay submissions from ourselves and our sister unions. All four pay claims made it quite clear that our members expect and deserve a pay increase to at least meet the ever-increasing cost of living. In doing so, and in keeping with previous negotiations, the January RPI figure was used as a base reference point. That figure was 4%.


A pay increase below the cost of living increase is, in effect. an actual pay cut.


Following discussions with your employer, ourselves and our sister unions have made it quite clear that the offer made of a general increase of 3.2% (min £725 – which ever is the greater) falls short of our members expectations.


Your employer has suggested that they can look to improve this offer, but only in return for significant changes to your terms and conditions. Again, this is not acceptable. We are not in the business of conceding hard fought for terms & conditions in exchange for a small incremental increase in pay.


We are here fundamentally to maintain and improve conditions for our members.


Going forward we are looking to meet again with your employer on the 29th May. Hopefully they will return with an offer we are able to recommend to our members. If not, we will have to consider our options and respond accordingly. 

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