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Northern Rail Management Grade Newsletter January 2016

5 January 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of the TSSA newsletter for management grade employees at Northern Rail. Giving you a quick update on matters affecting you in the workplace.


DTM & CTM Ratio's / Lead Roles


For a number of reasons we are still awaiting a meeting on the above to go through the detail on the introduction of Lead DTM & CTM positions and the introduction of other new positions within the company and are pressing for dates in the diary as soon as possible.

Performance Review Process


Despite numerous meetings there is still no agreement for the present 2015 PR process which the company introduced. We believe the current PR will make things more difficult for managers to "meet expectations" and therefore get the "norm" pay award. As it stands Appendix C from the management Terms & Conditions 2010 still stands. As advised previously we would suggest if you are unhappy with any aspect of your PR year end review to raise your concerns with your reviewing manager and also inform one of the representatives listed below.

New Franchise


Following the announcement of Arriva as the successful franchise bidder taking over in April Experience demonstrates that following TUPE new franchise holders often have plans and ideas which directly affect its management population, Please remember only the TSSA has collective bargaining for all management grades within the company so with this in mind if you are not yet a member or know of a colleague who is not a member please do consider joining or encouraging your colleagues to do so. There really is no better time to get protected and also have your say in any future referendums or votes that could affect YOUR job.

DSM's / Rostering & Systems Review

Following the RPC restructure and the trial of traincrew swipe at Manchester Piccadilly and Buxton TSSA have requested a meeting with to discuss teething issues and our wider concerns. We are hoping to visit affected depots to discuss with staff shortly.


Manager's Overtime


We would like to remind everyone of what is contained in manager's terms and conditions in relation to working overtime and weekend working.

"It is recognised that overtime would normally be worked on a mutual/voluntary basis (unless part of an on-call commitment, or where it forms part of an agreed method of coverage in a shift roster) however there is an expectation that as a manager people will, within reason, work whatever time is necessary to get the job done"

"Where rostered/authorised Saturday and Sunday working is undertaken outside of the normal 37 hour week, an overtime payment will be made at flat rate for time on duty"


Staff Reps


If you are interested in becoming a TSSA rep please send an email to:

Also please take a look at the website: for further information and advice.

Stop Press....

At a recent meeting the company informed us they have acted on our concerns with the 2015 Performance Review Process and presented us with a new version for 2016, they also informed us there will be guides / videos to assist available via the Shed. They have again indicated they will be implementing from January despite not giving us any time to review the proposal prior to the meeting. As a staff side we will be reviewing the proposal early in the new year and will report our findings.

For any further information on these items, please call any of the representatives shown below:

Jonathan Richards 07795 008518 Anthony Barton 07920 857506; Martin Fisher 07979 744391

Brian Greathead 07736 379592; Stephen Turner 07792 060853; Jean Hale 07747 800756


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