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NOTG Cross Country strike

5 January 2018

Good luck to colleagues at Cross Country who are currently being balloted on industrial action because the company has discriminated against management grades not covered by collective bargaining. They have been offered a paltry 1% pay rise, in contrast to the 3.3% on offer to those covered by collective bargaining.

This is the first year that this has happened.

Our reps are rightly concerned that the company’s strategy is now to divide and reduce everyone’s wage rises in the future. I urge you all to vote YES to strike action and action short of strike and ensure that our solidarity now prevents attacks on all of your living standards next year. Please make sure you vote. As most of you may know the government's anti-union legislation means we need a high turnout of YES voters to enable us to deploy industrial action. Just because you vote YES, does not mean you will take part in industrial action. But it will clearly mean a strengthening of your bargaining hand and leverage in face of employer intransigence by showing your determination to resist the imposition of pay cuts.

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