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NOTG Privatised franchise system doesn't work

12 January 2018

Up and down the country there is evidence that our railways are being failed by politicians.

Last week Scottish Transport minister Humza Yousaf was accused of losing his grip on ScotRail with timetable slips despite the fares increase.

After warning Thameslink in November last year, the National Audit Office published a report highlighting the poor passenger experience, failing to meet its timetable and calling the £8bm Govia contract “the worst performance on the network”.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling tried to hit out at TSSA and our sister unions. He wanted to smear us for shoddy rail services on his watch. He’s living in cloud cuckoo land – the problem with our rail services is that some of the richest people in the country are creaming off the profits and not enough money is being invested, and Grayling is letting them off! As shown in this great Labour video – the Great Tory Train Robbery.

Virgin and Stagecoach have messed up on the East Coast line. They promised to pay the government in return for running the rail franchise, but now they've changed their minds. Chris Grayling - the person who should be ensuring our railways are run in the interests of passengers and tax payers - is allowing them to opt out of up to £2 billion worth of payments – scandalous!

On Thursday join our twitter flash mob to spread the word about this important cause. This is an ironic fundraiser. Please don't actually donate or collect any money, but join with activists at train stations to show that the public are being forced to pay for Virgin and Stagecoach's mistakes.

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