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Notification of election results Lead ULR Forum

22 August 2013

The voting closed today for the contested position as Vice Chair of the Lead ULR Forum. We can now announce the 3 Officers of the Forum for the period August 2014 - July 2016.


Lead ULRs are elected in each company with a Learning Agreement. They are supported, as required, by the Learning Team and their Regional Organiser to carry out their responsibility to:

· recruit local TSSA ULRs and lead, support and help develop their teams of ULRs in conjunction with Organisers

· lead on setting up TSSA priority initiatives including recruitment drives or development days

· lead on any negotiations with their employer from TSSA’s perspective about company-wide learning and training & development initiatives – often attending the joint negotiating committee with the employer alongside the other unions’ Lead ULRs and sometimes with the TSSA Organiser if required

· lead on any negotiations with providers/funding bodies about company-wide learning or training and development initiatives

· lead on any negotiations with any other unions’ Lead ULRs about company-wide learning or training & development initiatives

· (in many cases) co-ordinate release centrally with the employer on behalf of local ULRs

In some companies where we only have one or two ULRs in a smaller company (or are piloting learning in a small way before getting a full agreement with a bigger complement of ULRs) we don’t have a formal Lead ULR. In such cases we will often invite [the] one ULR to come along as a key “solo” ULR to input from their perspective and get support & info from other leading ULRs.

The Lead ULR Forum offers the opportunity for Lead/Key (solo) ULRs to:

  • Network and share ideas, issues, problems and solutions with ULR colleagues in the same situation
  • Input to, and, as the union’s senior learning activists, begin to take the democratic lead on, the union’s strategy and policy decisions around TSSA - wide learning priorities – so for instance as a result of the LULR Forum TSSA, LULRs not only helped shape the previous ULR National Training Seminar but also led a number of plenaries and workshops as well as inputting in various ways to the Regional Reps Seminars in 2013.
  • Input into the focus of the Learning Team’s resources – so for instance as a result of the LULR Forum calling for better resources to allow LULRs to carry out their role, TSSA successfully bid for specific Union Learning Fund grant to pay for laptops for Lead ULRs

The following Lead / Key ULRs have been elected as the Officers of the Lead ULR Forum:

  • Chair: John Bacon – Lead ULR from First Capital Connect

  • Vice Chair: Paul Messenger – Key ULR from Amey

  • Secretary Charlotte: Thornton – Lead ULR from South West Trains


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