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November 30th actions in South Wales and Western Region

21 November 2011

Details of various Unions actions on November 30th


November the 30th demonstrations

Current ballot results are showing that around 3 million public sector workers may be taking strike action in defence of their pensions. This is the largest proposed industrial action in a generation and shows the real anger towards the cuts coming from the Conservative led coalition government. With an increase in contributions, a higher retirement age and the change from linking pensions from RPI (retail price index) to CPI (consumer price index) will see many people being forced to work for longer, paying more money into their pension to get less out.

TSSA has won a ballot in Northern Ireland with Ulster Busses for industrial action over pensions for the 30th November.

This becomes more relevant for many of our members with the announcement of a bill to look at cutting red tape. Hidden within that is a clause to look at the protections around the railway pension scheme. This is clearly not just a fight for public sector workers as the railway pension could be next.

What can we do?

There are going to picket lines all over the country in every town and many villages with schools and job centres included in the action. If you see a picket line pop over tell them you are with TSSA and show your support. This can really lift the spirits of the picket line to see other supporting them.

There will also be rallies and demonstrations if there is one near you and you can then pop along and support them. These are listed below.


Cardiff – Meet at 11:30 City Hall Cathays Park with a rally at 13:00 @ Swatec Stadium


Bath – Meet in Victoria Park 13:00

Bournemouth – Meet Central Library the Triangle 13:00

Bristol – Meet College Green 11:00

Dorchester – Meet Dorchester County Council 10:15

Exeter – Cathedral Green 11:00

Gloucester – Meet Shire Hall 13:00

Swindon – Meet Canal Warf 10:00

Truro – Meet Hall for Cornwall, Black Quay 10:00

Plymouth – Meet outside Guild hall 11:00

Torbay – Meet Castle Circus 10:30

Trowbridge – Meet outside Wiltshire Council 11:30

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