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NPC Pensioners’ Parliament: 14-16 June 2011, Blackpool

11 April 2011

The 2011 Pensioners’ Parliament will take place at a time when the concerns of older people have never been more pressing. Inadequate pensions, cuts to care services and rising fuel bills are all serious challenges for an older generation. More than ever, pensioners need to speak with one voice if they are to make those in power listen.

That is why the Pensioners’ Parliament will open with a rally, followed by two days of important debate and discussion on some of the key issues, including:

- the government’s plans for a universal pension and the change from RPI to CPI for determining the annual increase in state and occupational pensions;
- the effect that public spending cuts and the ‘Big Society’ will have on older people, their organisations and the services they receive;
- the plans by banks to withdraw the use of cheques and what that means for pensioners, and
- the future of the NHS and the impact that privatisation will have on older people’s care.

As always the Parliament will enable delegates to find out new information that they can then use in their own area, provide the opportunity to get together, share ideas and build friendships, offer a forum for people to discuss ideas and have their say and inspire the movement to continue its united campaign on key issues. If any members would like tickets for the event, a credentials order form, together with accommodation reservation form have been circulated.

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