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NR – Reorganisation of Human Resources

27 January 2011

We now have some (albeit exceptionally woolly) proposals from the company, and consultation on this is commencing at area council level next week, and following our representations national council reps will also attend.

They are not just commencing consultation with proposals to outsource part of HR, they have already signed, sealed, and delivered the contract on what they are calling ‘HR Direct’ but the company are called ‘Advisor Plus’ In anybody’s language commencing meaningful consultation at the earliest opportunity is not after a contract is already signed!!

They are outsourcing ‘advice and guidance’ for line managers to a call centre, below is some of the statements made in consultation documents and various management publications:

- Part of a much wider change programme in HR
- No matter who calls them they will get the same answer
- They will target the right HR interventions (Training, Coaching, Performance Management etc)
- The Call Centre will deal with all current interactions with Line Managers on employee relations topics such as grievances, disciplines, performance improvement, family friendly policies, and absence management
- They will offer case management support from start to finish!

These are just a few quotes, and no doubt it sets plenty of alarm bells. For the company to suggest outsourcing this work and making 60+ staff redundant will improve HR is a complete fallacy! In our view employee relations issues are rarely straight forward, and to suggest the same answer will always apply is quite insulting!

We think our members, whether they are managers or managed, deserve a professional and specialist HR department, not a generic call centre! Please follow the link below and take a few minutes to complete this short survey and give us your views.

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