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NR Bands 5-8 & Equivalent Grades Job Security Working Group

15 September 2016

 Please see below the attached documents referred in our September Bands 5-8 and Controller Grade Pay Newsletter 

You can view our Network Rail TSSA Pages here

Job Security – Your Feedback required

As part of the resolution to the last pay negotiations and in addition to the no compulsory redundancy agreement, your reps have been working on improvements to Job Security arrangements. This work is almost complete and has resulted in a new set of agreements that we are seeking to agree with the company. Namely a revised:

Job Security Agreement   Draft Job Security Agreement 07.09.16

 Voluntary Severance Principles   draft VS Principles 07.09.16

Redeployment Policy   Draft Redeployment Policy 07.09.16

Managing Our People Through Change Bands 5-8 (note this impacts on Role Clarity ONLY)   Draft Managing our People Through Change bands 5 to 8 07.09.16



We ask that you feedback views to your reps before 20th September 2016.

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