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NR Directors bonuses should be axed after Safety Report

25 January 2011

Network Rail bosses "double your salary" bonuses should be scrapped following the safety report which revealed a huge 40% under reporting of staff accident figures, the TSSA said today.

The RSSB report said that there was an "indirect linkage" to pressurised and fearful staff failing to report accidents and safety targets linked to bonus payments.

Gerry Doherty, leader of the TSSA rail union, accused the industry funded RSSB of "pulling its punches" in its report on the under reporting of accidents.

"We are disappointed with this report but not in any way surprised given the fact that the RSSB is funded by NR and the private train operating companies.

"It clearly identifies a culture of fear and bullying whereby staff are under intense pressure to meet safety targets and league tables which affect everyone’s bonus payments.

"It then reaches the perverse verdict there is only "indirect linkage" to a massive under reporting of 40% of accidents and that very culture. If this isn’t a white-wash, it certainly qualifies as a grey-wash.

"Regardless of the fact that the report pulls it punches when it comes to directors bonuses, NR would be very unwise to pay those vast bonuses this year.

"They ignored Ministerial warnings last year and awarded themselves payments as high as £600,000. They should cancel that gravy train immedietly."

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