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NR Managed Stations T&Cs Update

4 December 2014

Following our July meeting of the Managed Stations Working Group, Network Rail management have recently issued proposals for changes to CSA Band 6 terms and conditions.

These are broadly in line with our requirements to increase fairness for Managed Stations CSA staff, and will be subject to a referendum of members of the recognised Trade Unions.

Before issuing a referendum and final details we need to complete the following steps:

  • Obtain final clarifications from management on details of proposed implementation for Band 6 CSAs
  • Arrange timescales for a referendum of members

How you can help:

  • Please remind your colleagues to join your union at to ensure that they have a say in our referendum and ensure that they are supported by their colleagues
  • If you don’t have a rep at your station, call the Helpdesk for a rep nomination form and make sure that your station nominates a rep to make sure that you have a say in any matters affecting station staff
  • Distribute this circular to colleagues and place a copy on your noticeboard

Shift Station Managers and Band 5 CSAs

We expect to commence talks between TSSA SSM reps and the company to seek similar improvements soon. We are involved in ongoing discussions with management on timescales and proposals to ensure that Band 5 CSAs are treated fairly. An update will be issued once details are confirmed.

Click here to download our circular:   NR Managed Stations T&Cs Update

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