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NR Management Pay Update Dec 2018

10 December 2018

Latest news on 2018 pay dispute for Bands 1-4 and update on plans for 2019

TSSA is in dispute over their failure to reward Band 1-4 staff with a cost of living pay increase in 2018. For the 7th year running.

Managers deserve better than to see a real terms pay cut as inflation eats away at the value of salaries.

NR have continued to ignore the fact that in many roles, Managers earn less than the staff they are leading. This is demoralising and unfair for managers and has a negative impact on the business as talented people prefer to remain in lower graded but better paid roles rather than become managers. And many of our members have opted to seek demotion in order to better support their families.

TSSA has requested further talks at ACAS to resolve the dispute. We are awaiting a response from the Company.

However, we must be prepared to take action to make change happen. TSSA will be increasing our level of communication via email, yammer and text messaging. Please visit the MYTSSA page on ourwebsite to update you

Network Rail are asking managers to train to cover Band 5-8 roles in the event that they take industrial action over their pay (currently heading towards dispute) but the business has not been prepared to value you in your role.

Alongside the dispute over 2018 pay, we are preparing our claim for 2019. Please download the leaflet   Your Pay 2019 #1 and share with your colleagues. Our position is clear. We cannot accept the inequity of NR pay structures any longer. Managers work hard, work long hours,often in very difficult circumstances. It is time you are properly valued by the business.

Our influence is increased by greater membership of the Union. The only way that we are going to make progress is by joining together to strengthen our voice. Please take this opportunity to talk to your colleagues about joining the TSSA and adding their weight behind our campaign for fair pay for managers at Network Rail.


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