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NR MOMs Working Group Update

23 April 2013

For a number of years, your reps have been raising issues relating to the additional duties taken on by mobile operations managers (MOMs) which are not recognised by job evaluation, specifically that many staff feel they have to deputise for local operations managers (LOMs) but hit a brick wall when seeking recognition for these additional duties, being told that these are “voluntary” and that MOMs cannot be evaluated higher than a grade 7, regardless of the actual duties they undertake.

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   NR MOMs Working Group Update

Last week, TSSA MOM reps met ahead of the first MOM working group to discuss and agree which are the main issues facing staff. Our representatives on the group (Julian Weatherall and Neil Frazer) will be taking these issues to the joint working group for discussion before working with management to agree solutions:

· Regional variations in MOMs’ duties

· “Voluntary” cover for LOMS

· Job evaluation and grading (including additional “voluntary” duties

· People management responsibilities

· Extent of travel (variations in distance and time by “patch”)

· On call arrangements

· Shift/roster arrangements

· Mentoring processes for MOMs

· MOMs rostering out of hours signallers

· Role in possession planning (responsibility for SSOWPs etc.)

· Ad hoc duties such as conductor rail heating

· Clarification of accountabilities with reference to job descriptions

Managers duty of care (e.g. trauma management for MOMs attending fatalities).

What is the MOM working group?

After raising concerns at company level - the National Operations Council, it was resolved to set up a joint working group of representatives from trade unions and management to explore the underlying issues and suggest possible solutions. Once both sides of the group have agreed a sensible way forward, a recommendation will be given to the NOC for agreement and implementation.

We need your help!

The issues identified opposite may well be the tip of the iceberg. If you have information about other problems affecting you and your colleagues, speak to your reps. All MOM reps will be feeding information to Julian and Neil, who will give them updates as talks are developing. As you can see from the table below, we don’t currently have a local or area rep for all MOM locations. If you are interested in helping us to ensure that MOMs are represented throughout the company, or know a colleague who would make a good rep, call the helpdesk for information.

Industrial Representative


Neil Frazer

Great Northern

Julian Weatherall


Gareth Davies

Wales & Marches

Rafi Shah


Mike Currah

Lancs & Cumbria

Neale Elder


If you have colleagues who are not in a union, remind them to join TSSA to have a say at

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