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NR offer 4 years of pay cuts!

18 December 2014

TSSA yesterday firmly rejected Network Rail’s proposal for FOUR YEARS of real terms pay cuts for Ops and Maintenance staff.

Click the links below to download our latest newsletter and pay claims for Network Rail Operations and Maintenance Bands 5-8 and Equivalent and Controller Grades

  NR offer 4 years of pay cuts!

  Ops and Maintenance Pay Claim 2015

  Controllers Pay Claim 2015

Unbelievable cuts proposal!

TSSA yesterday firmly rejected Network Rail’s proposal for FOUR YEARS of real terms pay cuts for Ops and Maintenance staff.

The ‘offer’ was a four year deal to ‘increase’ salaries by less than inflation year on year until 2019. This means the buying power of staff salaries will almost certainly be reduced by 5%, but potentially by much more. Not only that, but NR wants to attack terms and conditions as well!

Ahead of a full written offer, here’s a sample of management’s proposals:

  • “Up to 2%” for 2015 – with RPI currently at 2% that is probably a pay cut in real terms!
  • Pay at CPI (roughly RPI minus 1.2) for 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Annual leave calculated in hours, not days
  • Scrap locally agreed roster arrangements
  • Abolish 12 hour shifts
  • Abolish “stood off” protections for ill staff
  • Attacks on overtime arrangements
  • End 3 man S&T agreement
  • Maintenance teams sized by tasks

Punishment for not agreeing this draconian cuts package means that there will be NO pay ‘increase’ at all!

Your claim

Your Area Reps agreed the TSSA pay claim based on the priorities indicated by the members. With members facing a cost of living crisis and assaults on jobs, TSSA reps agreed to focus on:

  • A one year pay deal
  • An above RPI pay increase
  • Continued job security
  • Ending excessive hours and unpaid overtime
  • Extending travel allowances and facilities

View our full claims above or via

First meeting – no substance

Your Ops and Maintenance reps presented the claims on 15 October. NR promised a detailed response to our claim (still not received). NR’s initial verbal response stated a pay deal would be “self-funding”, they wanted to “work together” with your reps, suggesting “generous pay” may be offered and job security was up for discussion. Silence followed for two months before NR would meet us again on 17 December.

“Take the lot or face the scrapheap!”

TSSA’s claim sought an extension to the commitment to no compulsory redundancies (NCR), currently due to expire at the end of 2014. Rather than extend the agreement, NR has threatened to issue compulsory redundancy notices to staff if TSSA reps don’t engage “positively” with their insulting and derisory cuts package but agreed to extend NCR until the pay talks process is exhausted.

What happens next?

  • Area reps meet to discuss your initial feedback and our response to management in early January – give them your views
  • Once NR publish their initial offer we’ll share this with members
  • We expect to meet the company on 21 January for further talks
  • You must register and update your details at If we need to run a ballot or referendum we need accurate personal and work details
  • Share this newsletter and encourage others to join:




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