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NR RPS Referendum: Proposals Accepted

23 December 2015

Following the close of our referendum for TSSA members employed by Network Rail, 87% voted to accept the company proposals as outlined in our circular at

Thank you to every member who voted and our elected Reps who helped our members to understand the position through workplace meetings and communications. Special thanks to our 15 new Pensions Champions, elected since the October referendum opened.

Our union won the improved deal!

In the previous referendum, you gave us a huge mandate to reject the previous offer and negotiate improvements. A two thirds majority were prepared to pay more to preserve benefits, giving our Reps a mandate to recommend the proposal to offer a one off option to pay increased contributions in order that negotiated salary increases above RPI are pensionable for future service.

Overwhelming support for an industrial action ballot unless improvements were offered gave us the power to negotiate a new opportunity for members with more than 5 years company service not in the RPS to join the scheme.

What’s next?

We will write to the company to formally accept the proposals on behalf of our union. Once agreed in principle, the company will enter formal consultation with scheme members before confirming the arrangements to be implemented from 1 April 2016. Eligible members of the RPS will be advised in due course on how to opt in to the higher contribution rate option. Employees with more than 5 years company service not in the RPS will be given the opportunity to join.

We expect to enter into discussions in the New Year regarding proposals for the CARE scheme in relation to changes to National Insurance contracting out.

What can I do?

 Please remind your colleagues that our members’ collective strength gave us the alternative accepted by members today. Please encourage them to join our union and make us even stronger in 2016!

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