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Bands 1-4 Pay - Online Referendum. Vote today!

24 June 2013

At a meeting of area reps it was decided that your reps did not feel able to accept Network Rail’s offer of a below inflation pay rise. TSSA have therefore written to the company formally rejecting the offer.

Network Rail had previously confirmed that their final offer was 2.5%, with a minimum of 2.2% for a good rating. The full percentage ranges were offered as:

Outstanding                      4% to 5%

Exceeded                             2.8% to 3.3%

Good                                     2.2% to 2.6%

Partially Achieved            1.6% to 1.9%

SPIR                                       0%

TSSA had written an open letter to David Higgins highlighting the impact of the divisive approach to pay was having (see the letter here) but received back a reply from Richard Doyle, HR Director, simply restating arguments around “challenging efficiency targets” and “value for money”. The company have also committed to making further individual adjustments to some band 4 salaries, but have not defined how this would be done, and did not discuss this in four meetings with your national reps, despite extensive pressure from TSSA on the issue of differentials. This seems to indicate that Network Rail do not have a clear grip on how to resolve the issues we are raising!

Your reps have decided to write a further letter to David Higgins asking him to publicly justify the actions of the company on this matter.

After long discussion your reps also felt unable to make a definitive decision on whether to call for an industrial action ballot on pay without a clear mandate from the members. Without strong backing across the membership for industrial action your reps will not be able to call for a ballot as it may result in pockets of our members carrying the brunt of any action. We must all be able to stand together on pay, and until we can your reps will not ask some members to fight on behalf of all – a battle we cannot be sure of winning.

To let your reps know your views, vote in the online referendum here –

Vote by 12 noon 5 July! 

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