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Network Rail: Your Union Needs You - Area Council Elections 2013

26 July 2013

The terms of office for all TSSA area council reps in Network Rail are due to expire at the end of August. Therefore we are seeking nominations from our members. We would encourage existing local reps or those who have not yet been involved to step forward! We are also welcoming the nomination from current hard-working reps.

Now is the time to give some thought to who your reps are going to be for the next few years. If you don’t have a rep in your area, or think you could do a better job than the existing rep then read on ...

If you believe that trade unions can play an important role in ensuring that people are treated with respect and dignity at work, if you can ‘argue your corner’, want to support your colleagues, and you are prepared to undertake training in the role, then you are one of the reps we are looking for!

What does an Area Council Rep do?

Area Council reps are supported both by local reps within their constituency and full time TSSA Organisers. They typically represent between 20 and 150 members. The role includes:

  • Working with members to resolve collective issues, including representing their views to management in Area Council meetings. This includes consultations on re-organisations
  • Recruiting new members and communicating with existing members about TSSA campaigns, including assisting local reps with these activities
  • Helping National Reps to define a promote TSSA strategy and policy on issues of national importance

Full training for the role is provided by the TSSA through our comprehensive training programme. Release from your job is given to undertake both training and union rep duties because Network Rail value our reps’ commitment to the role.

The term of office for Area Council Reps will begin on 1 September 2013 and last until 30 November 2015 for Bands 1-4 and Controllers and until 30 Nov 2016 for Bands 5-8 and equivalent grades.

I’m convinced! What do I do next?

Below are lists of the Area Council vacancies and nomination forms for you to download!

  Bands 1-4 Area Council Vacancy List

  Bands 5-8 and Equivalent Area Council Vacancy List

Bands 1-4 Area Council Nomination Form

Maintenance Bands 5-8 and Equivalent Area Council Nomination Form

Operations Bands 5-8 and Equivalent Area Council Nomination Form

We are also seeking expressions of interest for those standing as area reps to stand for the three positions as Full-Time Maintenance Co-ordinators and the three seats on the National Operations Council. The Maintenance Co-ordinator role attracts full time release from your job and is a position with significant responsibility and travel requirements. The job desciption can be downloaded below. 

  Maintenance Co-ordinator Job Description

You can indicate your interest for these roles by ticking the appropriate box on the Area Council nomination form.

Can I get more information?

Of course!

You can contact the Members’ Helpdesk to talk about the role and they will refer you to one of our experienced National Reps to talk about how it works!

We will also be running a Reps' Taster Day on 28 August at our head office in Euston, where you can find out more about the roles you can play in your union. To register your interest, please complete the form below. If you would like to participate in future but are unable to attend on this date, you can also register to be kept informed of similar events in future.

  1. I'd like to... *

  2. Please indicate which type of rep you are most interested in *

 As Network Rail are supporting these events, paid release will be provided.

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