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NRTS 2012 - Information for Applicants

10 April 2012

Guidance on making an application for a place at NRTS 2012.

Reps wishing to apply for a place at NRTS 2012 will be required to complete the TSSA Education application form.

Please note: applications close on Thursday 31 May 2012.

On receipt of the application form, applicants will then be asked further details about their hotel accommodation, travel and dietary requirements, and any special needs.

Applicants will be informed as to whether or not their application was successful by no later than 29 June 2012.

When and where
Registration will commence at noon on Thursday 27 September 2012, with the opening session of NRTS 2012 commencing at 1.30pm. The event will end at 12.30pm on Saturday 29 September 2012.
NRTS 2012 will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Sheffield.

Hotel accommodation
TSSA offers participants free hotel accommodation at the Hilton Hotel, Sheffield.
All participants may stay in hotel accommodation provided by TSSA on Thursday 27 September and Friday 28 September. Free hotel accommodation on Wednesday 26 September will be offered to those whose journey would otherwise require them to leave home before 7am on Thursday 27 September in order to get to the Hilton Hotel in Sheffield by 1.30pm. Accommodation will also be offered on Saturday 29 September to those that would otherwise be unable to arrive at their home until after 9:00pm on that day.

Please note that TSSA will NOT reimburse participants for hotel accommodation arranged by themselves.

Travel arrangements
Travel costs will be reimbursed, subject to the following:

  • Use of private cars: use of private cars for all or part of the journey must be authorised IN ADVANCE by Adèle Potten-Price, TSSA Education Officer. Authorisation for private car use will only be given in exceptional circumstances.
  • Participants living in Scotland, Wales and England: participants living in Scotland, Wales and England will generally be expected to use rail services, booking in advance where possible to obtain the cheapest fare. Air travel may also be used for all or part of the journey if it would be cheaper than rail. Using air travel for all or part of the journey may avoid the need for additional overnight accommodation on Wednesday 26 September and/or Saturday 29 September. If this is the case, participants should contact Adèle Potten-Price, TSSA Education Officer, for authority to use air travel instead of rail travel.
  • Participants living in Ireland: participants living in Ireland will be expected to use the cheapest combination of air, rail and bus services for their journey. Manchester Airport has hourly direct trains to Sheffield, and is served by direct flights from Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Shannon.

Release from work
Your employer should release you with pay to allow you to attend this training event. Any problems in obtaining release should be discussed with your TSSA regional team.

Special needs
Selected participants will be asked to indicate any special needs when informed that they have a place at NRTS 2012.
The Hilton Hotel Sheffield is fully accessible to those with mobility difficulties.

Special diets including vegetarian, vegan and other diets will be accommodated.

TSSA is committed to equal opportunities, and addressing the needs of all participants, including those with disabilities, and those with childcare and caring responsibilities. Applicants may be contacted to discuss their needs, and reasonable requirements will be met.

Every effort will be made to ensure reasonable provision of care for pre-school aged children to enable full participation in NRTS 2012. This will be made according to individual needs. Unfortunately, this will not extend to hours outside of those when NRTS 2012 is taking place.

It may be necessary to pass on information to a third party with regard to the provision of special needs such as facilities for those with disabilities. Any such transfer of information that identifies an individual will be made only where necessary.
Information relating to special needs will be processed and retained by TSSA only in connection with this event.

Social events
Social events will take place on both Thursday and Friday evenings. An event will also be organised for Wednesday evening those arriving early.

Other queries / contact details
TSSA’s Education Officer Adèle Potten-Price should be contacted regarding any further queries regarding this event. She may be contacted by email at, or by phone on 020 7387 2101. 

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