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NSL Dingwall Pay Referendum

11 May 2017

NSL Offers below-inflation payrise to members in Dingwall. Scottish Organiser, Liz Warren-Corney says recruiting more members will lead to better future pay deals.

 Dear members

Attached is the pay offer from NSL. As you will see the offer made is an increase of 1.5% which takes the salary of Customer Service Advisors up to £15,381.39 from 1st April 2017.
The current rate of inflation is 3.2%, (RPI) so this is a pay rise below the increase in your cost of living.
The offer is not as good as pay deals being made elsewhere in Scotland. For example, ScotRail (2.6% this year). However, the situation in NSL is significantly different to that in ScotRail where we represent a substantial number within the workplace and have a well organised team of reps working to secure better pay as well as better terms and conditions for their members. In NSL we have only twelve members and no representatives. Last year we had three representatives but they have all chosen to stand down. 
The best way to ensure you get a better pay deal next year is to talk to your colleagues and persuade them to join. The more members we have the more pressure we have with management. I will be happy to come up and help you with this but the work must start with you all. As a Trade Union TSSA is only as strong as it's members.
Having trade union reps in post in NSL Dingwall will also help us to win better pay deals in the future. We have vacancies for both Industrial and Health and Safety Representatives. Industrial Reps discuss matters that affect staff with management, such as pay, working conditions and individual problems. A Health and Safety Rep is concerned with matters that can affect your health such as, ergonomics, stress, and display screen equipment as well as carrying out inspections for trip hazards and other risks. If you would like to know more about becoming a TSSA Industrial or Health & Safety Rep please email me on w
You should now vote in the online pay ballot whether to accept or refuse the offer made. Vote here. However without an increase in members we are unlikely to secure a better deal. 
If you have any thoughts about this offer please do get in touch.
Liz Warren-Corney
Scotland Organiser 


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