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NTA Meeting Jan 14

19 January 2015

TSSA and all unions met with the NTA and both Bus companies. All agreed a process to move forward with all stakeholders (inclusive of the Department of Transport).

All have now agreed to enter a “negotiating process” by agreeing an agenda, which focuses on
(a) Maintaining the current size of both Companies,
 (b) A mechanism, which provides for growth,
(c) Retaining staff in both Companies
(d) The situation post-2019.
The Agenda is set out below:
1. General Economic Impact post-2019, Direct Award post-2019 (including award duration), Bus Companies’ capacity to tender post-2019 and related issues.
2. Pension issues and likely outcome of current work on that matter.
3. The NTA’s role in ensuring commitments on Terms & Conditions are honoured by new providers.
4. Timeframe, Phasing of 10%, growth.
5. Engagement on Route selection for Bus Éireann
6. Legacy cost clarification
7. Application of TUPE
8. Clarification on tender process, role of costs etc.
A tight timeframe (31st March) for the conclusion of this process, in order to allow for a nationwide consultation process in advance of the NTA tendering deadline of July.TSSA will be using (31st March) as a timeline in deciding if the negotiations have progressed to a stage whereby TSSA could engage in discussions with both Companies on Industrial Relation issues.Mr Kevin Foley (LRC) has also stated:
Process of engagement targeted to conclude by end March 2015. The Chair has capacity to configure engagements with smaller groups. All stakeholders to participate as required and appropriate.
The dates for the meetings are 2nd February, 9th February, 18th February, and the 9th March.TSSA and all other unions reiterated their fundamental objection to the principle of privatisation. TSSA members will be updated on any progress during these talks.


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