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NW TUC LGBT Network - Annual Meeting

3 November 2010

The NW TUC have advised that the LGBT Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday 15th January 2011, the venue has not yet been confirmed.

The business will include election of Officers, ideas and activities for the coming year.

Nominations are invited on the form circulated to members, which should be completed and returned to reach Head Office Monday 8th November 2010. Provision is made on the form for the written acceptance of the candidate and this should be completed where possible. Where this is not possible the candidate must sign a letter of acceptance which should reach Head Office by the closing date for receipt of nominations.

It should be made clear to the candidates that such acceptance implies that if elected as a TSSA delegate, he/she will act in line with Association policy i.e. in accordance with Annual Conference decisions or, in the absence of such decisions, in accordance with the decisions of the Executive Committee or, in the last resort, and in the absence of guidance from the Executive Committee, in accordance with the judgement of the delegates as to Association policy.

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