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Iarnród Éireann Oversight Committee Cost Containment Agreement Update:

16 November 2012

In the context of clause 4 of the Cost Containment Agreement, Iarnród Éireann management have brought to the OCCC, a list of where savings/efficiencies might be achieved.

The Trade Unions in response, indicated their commitment to deliver to the terms of the agreement. Whilst accepting the urgency of the situation they stated as motivation, a belief that if targeted savings are achieved, it will serve to underpin the statement as outlined in the LRC preamble of the 29th May 2012;
“The Company, in as much as it can, strongly believe that the measures outlined will provide and assist in not alone maintaining core rates of pay (to be understood as contract rates) but will also alleviate pressures in respect of core rates of pay going forward, subject to no currently unforeseen budgetary deterioration”

In a joint acknowledgement of the seriousness and urgency of the situation, three days have been allocated to jump start the process (20th -22nd November). This period of concentrated consideration will address the following:

1. Finances of company.
2. Approach to measuring savings.
3. Road map going forward.
4. Company-clause 4 list.
5. Trade Union-proposal to reduce costs/maximise revenue.


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