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Reminder: Trade Union and Community Rally against Austerity

17 October 2012

Join us and thousands of others on the ICTU called demonstration for ‘A march for a fairer better way” in Belfast on October 20.

In Belfast look for the TSSA banner and flags at writers square, corner of Donegall and York Street.

TSSA want to have our biggest turnout yet! Bring your family and friends to join other TSSA families in a day of fun - but with the determined message that we need a fairer better way!
Why do we need to tell the Government to change direction?

Austerity isn’t working!

The 20th October demonstration is a further opportunity to highlight our anger about this Government’s failed and vindictive policies. Northern Ireland, as the trade unions predicted, is in a double dip recession. The economy has come to a standstill. Youth unemployment has rocketed. Unemployed workers and the sick and disabled are being hammered by cuts in social security benefits. Workers in both the public and the private sector have suffered pay freezes and job cuts.
Cuts to the public sector mean fewer jobs and reduced wages for thousands of working people in Northern Ireland. This means less people using public transport and less money spent in local shops and businesses, endangering jobs in the transport and other sectors.

‘Reforms’ are in fact ‘cuts’ of £18 billion from Welfare spending hitting the most vulnerable in society, women, children and the disabled. This means that £750 million will be cut annually from our local economy at a time when we all need more people spending.

For the next five years or more, unless policies change the economy will not grow, incomes will not rise, and there will be almost no new jobs.
Rather than deep, rapid spending cuts, we need to reverse our decline and build an economy that works for ordinary families.
TSSA members, families, friends and allies will join together with all the trade unions to show we want a different future - a future that works for our families and our communities.
We want the biggest TSSA turnout ever – to show we have a voice that counts!

There is immense pressure to deliver more for less cost in the transport industry. Already we are stretching ourselves to meet the demands with less investment and less support. Do we want to cut staff, services and increase fares? The government has now made this their policy.

The impact of the cuts is not just on our jobs, but will affect our children, grandchildren and our communities for years to come.
The government will not change anything unless we keep pressuring them. We need to fight the horror cuts. This march will be an essential part of our fight for a better transport industry and a future that works.
We need a future that works. Will you join us?

TSSA members together with colleagues in other trade unions have already demonstrated their opposition to the Government’s attack on public services and the welfare state. TSSA members have taken strike action in defence of pensions.
Talk to your work colleagues, your family and friends and your neighbours. Encourage all of them to join the March and rally on 20th October.
TSSA believes that by building a growing movement of ordinary people, in both our workplaces and our communities, we can make a difference and turn the tide of austerity.
It doesn’t have to be like this. There is a better, fairer way. We need real investment in our infrastructure and our workforce. We need a government that creates growth and jobs, not one that talks about it. Real economic recovery requires a belief in the potential of our economy and the guts to invest in it.

On Saturday, 20 October 2012, the people of Northern Ireland can send a message to Westminster and their local representatives at Stormont. There is time to change course and prevent the damage from getting even worse. There is a time to march in favour of an economic alternative - that time is now.

Trade Union and Community Rally against Austerity
20th October 2012
Assemble: 11.00 am
Writers square corner Donegall & York Street


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