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One in ten trains fail to run on tIme

11 February 2016

TSSA responds to a BBC news story about frequent train delays

One in Ten Trains Fail To Run On TIme

Responding to the BBC news story that crew shortages are now causing delays to one in every ten rail journeys, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes says:

"Britain's rail strategy is a complete and utter mess. Privatised services run in the interests of shareholders have never and will never deliver for passengers who pay the highest fares in Europe for the longest delays.
"You need skilled staff to run a rail network, but the operating companies won't invest anywhere near enough in training and recruiting new staff'.
"It's a national disgrace that ten percent of our trains arrive late. However, passengers should be warned that if the Tories sell off Railtrack, this may sadly become the least of their concerns. British rail disasters will end up back in the news because privateers won't give a damn about cutting corners on track maintenance which will cost lives. They have form for this. The last time privateers maintained our rail infrastructure, we had fatalities at Hatfield and Potters Bar.'
"The case for Labour's integrated national publicly-owned People's Railway gets stronger with every passing day."

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