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Ops Pay – Company fail to respond to your reps’ concerns

4 April 2011

Your negotiating team met network Rail on 25 March 2011 to discuss the outstanding pay award for Ops and Customer Services, Projects and Support staff in bands 5-8 and equivalent grades.

A meeting of your area reps earlier that week had considered the company’s offer, which had still not changed significantly since the initial meeting at the end of December. The concerns raised by your reps at the time remained:

- Network Rail’s insistence on a “no-strike” deal for an extended period over the 2012 Olympics.
- Failure to address our additional demands including working hours, performance related pay and travel subsidies.
- A lack of detail about the arrangements for all staff affected by the Olympics, even though NR are keen to wrap this up during pay talks.

Therefore your reps decided to go to meet the company on 25 March 2011 seeking a “no-strings” deal. This would mean discussions on the Olympics could take place fully without holding up the outstanding pay award.

The Company completely rejected this position and put forward an offer which was only slightly amended:

- Year One – 5.2% pay increase
- Year Two – RPI + 0.5% pay increase
- Increase in travel subsidy percentage to 75%, but with a cap of £2250, from 1 July 2011.
- A “no-strike” procedure for the Olympics
- Additional payment for a limited number of staff affected by the Olympics

Please see the full offer here for further details

As you can tell this offer does not in any way address the concerns your reps have raised. We will be consulting further with your reps so please talk to them over the next weeks and give your views.

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