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ORR confirms East Coast is best value for taxpayers

16 April 2014

The TSSA rail union has welcomed the ORR report which shows that publicly run East Coast offers best value to the taxpayer in the heavily subsidised privately run rail industry.

Receiving no subsidy whatsoever, East Coast has paid back over £800 million to the Treasury over the past five years.

Manuel Cortes, union general, said: "The facts clearly support our argument that publicly owned franchises like East Coast offer a much better deal to taxpayers than privately run franchises like Virgin.
"The private railway has been a 20-year lesson in failure, paid for by both passengers and taxpayers. We have seen fares rise by as much as 245% since 1994 (walk on fares on West Coast) with passengers now paying the highest rail fares in Europe.

Enough is clearly enough with passengers treated as cattle to be regularly milked by the Treasury and then ripped off by the private rail operators.
"This is the economics of the madhouse. Like the rest of Europe, we should run a socially responsible, publicly owned rail network."

The union, plus Aslef and the RMT, are seeking a judicial review to prevent the Coalition selling East Coast back to the private sector before next year's General Election.

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