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Osborne breaks promise to protect rail police

12 February 2016

TSSA responds to the government's British Transport Police budget cut

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has reneged on his promise to protect all police spending.
Labour MPs and rail unions have been pressing the government to ensure rail policing would not be compromised by his public spending cuts at a time of heightened security.
But the government has been finally forced to admit that British Transport Police will lose millions from their budget.
In a written answer to Dewsbury MP, Paula Sherriff yesterday morning the government revealed they will axe the British Transport Police budget by just over 1pc amounting to a total of £3 million .
"Just weeks after the George Osborne promised that ‘there will be no cuts in the police budget at all’ we now discover that they are axing millions from the transport police, who are in the front line not just against crime but terrorism as well," said Sherriff, a TSSA member who worked for British Transport Police before entering parliament.
"Just like doctors and teachers, this government treats police officers as public enemies, not public servants. Even worse, they won’t even be honest about it. The police protect us, but the Chancellor certainly isn’t protecting them.”
TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, who represents the civilian section of British Transport Police says the government is playing Scrooge with public safety.
"Targeting the budget of British Transport Police for cuts at a time of heightened national security shows just how uncaring and out of touch this Bullingdon Boy Chancellor really is," said Manuel Cortes, General Secretary of the TSSA who represent the civilian section of British Transport Police.
"Earlier this week a national survey revealed passengers - particularly in the south east - want to see more staff on stations and carriages to ensure they travel safely.
"That means they want more Transport Police on patrol at stations, not less. Passengers are going about their daily business in face of the terrorist threats we are told are very real to keep Britain working.
"Sadly we know railway have become vulnerable to terrorism and passengers and rail staff do their best to exercise due caution. It is not too much to expect government to ensure a fully serviced and properly staffed British Transport Police at rail stations and on rail carriages.
"But in lobbing £3million off the British Transport Police, George Osborne is playing austerity for austerity's sake. If he taxed Google properly he wouldn't have to play Scrooge with our policing."

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