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Osbornomics is asset stripping UK

6 November 2015

The National Audit Office have today issued a report into the sale of the 40pc British public stake in Eurostar as "good value for the taxpayer".

Responding to the report TSSA rail union chief Manuel Cortes said:

"The public have invested £8 billion in Eurostar and the government made just £757 million when they sold it.

"This isn't good value - it's a travesty of economics and exactly what Osbornomics is all about - not so much selling the family silver as robbing it then passing it on at knock off prices.

"Osbornomics is asset stripping our nation and we cannot afford for it to continue.

"The sale of public infrastructure to Osborne's gang of private racketeers needs to be stopped in its tracks now."

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