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22 March 2016

TSSA along with SIPTU met with management 22/03/2016 on the issue of the threat of outsourcing the Salary and Pensions Department in the CIÉ holding company. We also took the opportunity to raise the issue of the possible establishment of a defined contributions pension scheme.


We again reiterated our view that information from members suggests that the tender process is going forward at a pace that suggests that the tendering process is a “done deal” before we engage in any discussions on the possible impact for our members.

Management informed us that the process as they see it would require speaking with the trade unions prior to any decision being taken on the issue of outsourcing and allowing the trade unions to put forward counter proposals and other objections to outsourcing. It was our understanding from the meeting that earliest that this could occur is June 2016.

We also were told that any new defined contributions scheme would not be implemented unless with the agreement of the trade unions at CIÉ.

CIÉ management have agreed to write to us with a clarification letter explaining clearly the process that would require talks with the trade before any decision on outsourcing and that no establishment of a defined contribution scheme without trade union agreement.

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