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Our vision for British Transport Police

6 November 2012

TSSA members at BTP are getting organised. After a tough organising campaign TSSA won recognition to represent police staff in 2008. Since then, our TSSA representatives have been fighting for a better BTP.


TSSA has sole recognition for members of the British Transport Police force who are staff (as opposed to Police Officers). That includes Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), control room, clerical and admin staff, Scene of Crime Officers (SOCOs) and workers at the Crime Recording Centre, amongst others.

Earlier this year we launched a workplace survey for both members and non- members in BTP, asking them what they liked about working for BTP and what were their top issues or problems that they faced at work

A regular theme within the responses was people telling us they liked working for BTP because of ‘The great people I work with’ or ‘The friendly staff’. Another added ‘The variety of work and feeling like I might be able to make a difference’.

Clearly our members are very proud of the work they do in BTP, and rightly so. Every BTP worker plays a part in making the railways safe to travel and work on.

But there are still issues that affect us in the workplace, with top problems identified as:

  • Lack of training, development and career opportunities
  • The Sickness Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), where illness counts against performance and inhibits access to training
  • Not feeling valued
  • Lack of communication
  • Safety equipment for PCSOs

Our reps got together to go over the issues and aspirations of BTP workers and came up with ‘Our Vision for BTP’. The vision is a pledge from our TSSA reps to fight for the things that will make BTP better, both for TSSA members and the travelling public.

BTP officers

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Many of us are aware there are a multitude of SOPs at BTP. Our reps review the SOPS regularly with management, ensuring changes are made in the interests of our members. Reps are currently looking at the Sickness SOP under which taking a day off sick counts against your performance and means you will not be put forward for training or career progression opportunities.

Reps are also working on a Stress Management SOP. This SOP allows for organisational stress audits and regular risk assessments, training for managers on how to manage stress, support and specialist advice for staff on how to deal with stress and provides for initiatives which have health benefits to be available for all staff. The SOP also describes common causes of stress as well as the effects and symptoms of stress – a useful document which can be requested from your HR Business Partner.

If you think yourself or a colleague is suffering from workplace stress, find more info and sources of help at

Have your say: If you would like to have your say and complete the survey see on What you think of these SOPs and others? Contact us on

Join the campaign: We’ll be running sessions for members and reps throughout November as part of our ‘Volunteering for Vision’ organising campaign. If you want to get more involved, please register for the sessions on 9, 16, 19 or 29 November.

Our vision for BTP

We TSSA members believe that everybody at BTP has the right to work in an environment that is free from stress, where we are all respected and acknowledged for the roles we play in delivering safe and secure public transport.

Together, we will:

  • Empower, engage and communicate with our members and provide continued support
  • Consult and negotiate with management to achieve better terms and conditions including:
    • pay
    • SOPs, like sickness
    • flexible working hours to allow us to achieve a better worklife balance
  • Fight to improve training, development and access to career opportunities
  • Drive change in the culture of our workplace to ensure everyone is respected and unnecessary stress due to policies or practice is eliminated.

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