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Outcome of Referendum Ballot

20 April 2011

Outcome of the recent Referendum Ballot is as follows:

75% of Intelenet TSSA members voted 100% in favour of both the transfer to Monthly and Performance Related Pay systems.
Next Steps

Management has confirmed that they will in due course be writing to all staff individually to confirm the annual salaries along with an associated payroll calendar.

The Performance Related Pay increases will be issued with immediate effect for those not currently in receipt of such payments.

Policies and Procedures

We can confirm that the two following policies on which you have been consulted on are now agreed and will be implemented shortly:

- Return to Work Interview Policy
- Capability Policy

In addition we are now ready to share with you the following:

- Overtime Policy
- Lateness

Please take the time to review this document and provide Clive with your views so that he can raise them on your behalf.

Pay 2011

TSSA fought hard for and won a big concession for its Intelenet members in connection to the Performance Related Pay system in that initially the Company proposed that anyone who should fall into the bottom tier referred to as “does not meet or poor” would not receive any increase. TSSA vehemently opposed this proposal and stated that we would expect everyone to receive at least a cost of living rise regardless of their rating. Intelenet conceded this point and have agreed on an annual basis they will meet with TSSA to negotiate on that year’s cost of living increase.

This being the case you will all find an electronic link to a Pay Claim Survey here. We would be very grateful, if you could respond accordingly. TSSA utilises these pay surveys for a number of different companies and we have found them to be a very useful forum in which members can raise their views. This enables your pay negotiating team to provide real examples of members’ desires and aspirations with regard to improvements in their pay and working conditions.

Once the survey has run its course and your views have been analysed they will be incorporated into this year’s pay claim which will be submitted and discussed accordingly with the Company. We would hope that these discussions result in an offer, which we will of course ballot you on with a view to the increase taking effect from the pay anniversary date of 1 July. If for some reason the talks and subsequent offer is not agreed by then, your subsequent increase will of course be backdated.

If anything contained within this circular is not clear or if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Clive in a first instance who can escalate any issue to myself if necessary.

Natalie will be on her maternity leave shortly and I will be covering until May 2012, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

If you know colleagues who are not in the union, then please pass them a copy of this circular and ask them to join by following this link: being a member they will then have a voice in how we negotiate your pay.

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