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P&O Ferries: Business Review

14 September 2012

The TSSA and the other trade unions were called to a meeting with P&O Ferries at their headquarters at Dover. The company stated that they had serious concerns over the running of the business during 2013. As a result they intended to complete an eight week review of all aspects of their business, including all routes.

The items under review are as follows:

  • How much stock their hold and the turnover of that stock
  • How to reduce fuel costs
  • How to improve the speed of payment from customers.
  • Maximise the use of the ports.
  • Pension costs and the deficit.
  • Review pay and T&C’s

The trade unions made it clear that that they would be prepared to participate in all discussions on the future business of P&O Ferries but that they were not prepared to see a wholesale change to pensions and terms & conditions. P&O ferries stated that these issues were only part of the whole review and they were waiting to the output of that review to see if they wanted to enter into discussions on these issues. They did state that where they have just reached agreement on changes to terms & conditions, at for example Larne, it would be very unlikely they would enter into discussions on terms & conditions at Larne.

P & O Ferries stated they would welcome any suggestions from all employees on improving their business in 2013.

It is the TSSA’s expectation that we will be invited to a meeting to discuss the outcome of the review.

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