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P&O Ferries Harmonisation update

25 July 2012

A meeting was held between management and TSSA to finalise a new Harmonisation agreement. Before an agreement can be signed off your reps raised a number of issues of clarification concerning salaries and new rosters.


1. New contract salaries payable from January to March were to be paid at 3%, anyone who did not receive this amount should query with payroll through the normal channels.
2. Clarification was sought in relation to old contracts with regards to their terms and conditions, over-time rates etc. The company is to come back to us.
3. Queries were raised regarding the commercial department with reference to their over-time rates for old contracts and terms and conditions for bank holidays. The company is to come back to us regarding the over-time rates but have stated that bank holidays will fall into line with the rest of the staff.
4. Part-time workers terms and conditions were queried and the company responded that bank holidays would be the same as full time staff and that over-time would only be paid after staff had worked the equivalent of full time hours.
5. A query was raised with regard to the working out of money payable to staff taking their redundancy on leave days not taken. The company will come back to us.
6. A discussion was held about responsibility allowance and when it would be payable with particular reference to Load Controlling the fast craft with no supervisor present. It was discussed whether a person could be nominated for a three hour responsibility allowance per sailing done or whether someone should be appointed for the day. This is still to be agreed.
7. A query was raised regarding the three hour call out allowance particularly staying on after night shift and the company agreed that this would continue.


A discussion was held with regard to the new Railflair rostering system with particular reference as to whether the system was family friendly. Points were raised regarding having to work more than four days at the time and having to work too many night-shifts during the flexible period. Points were also raised about time off after the night shift period. The company responded that due to the fact that staff have not fully fitted into their new joint roles and the fact that old contract staff had not yet left meant that the system was not working as fully intended. Once the remaining old contracts left and staff received their dual role training, the system should be able to work much more efficiently. It was agreed that in the interim period that after rosters were printed there would be a two week period of grace where staff could study their rosters and raise any concerns before they were set in concrete. It was hoped that this would equal out the number of day and night shifts during the flexible period though this could not be guaranteed as the rostering is demand lead and reliant on what leave needs covered. A discussion was then held with regard to breaks, in particular tea breaks, Christmas Day rostering and banked hours. It was agreed to review what qualifies as a tea break. If staff were not required on Christmas Day they would have the appropriate hours deducted. There would no banked hours required and the flexi period would contain 88 hours, anything else that has happened in the past was an error.

A further meeting has been planned were if we get satisfactory answers to the clarification issues we will be in a position to sign off on the harmonisation agreement.

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