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Panama Papers

7 April 2016

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes responded to the revelations about tax evasion leaked in the infamous 'Panama papers'.

“If we didn't have those at the top trying to evade and avoid tax we could have better public services that benefited the many not the few.

“Even under the current system of privatisation, we could be confident that some of the profits made from our high train fares went back into the public purse.

“But these Panama Papers show what happened when the rich get to write their own rules. The government must act now to axe the tax havens, level the playing field and make the regulations to stop the barons of international capital robbing the rest of us of money our public services and infrastructure so desperately needs. Let's face it, we're not asking them not to be rich, but we are demanding they are now made asking to pay their fair due."

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