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TSSA seeks urgent talks with London Underground over safety and security following the Parson’s Green attack

15 September 2017

Once again LU Staff have shown their courage and dedication to passenger safety in the face of despicable terror attacks.

All our thoughts are with the passengers, staff and emergency services at Parson’s Green. We will never be beaten by cowardly terrorist attacks. Our people are a tough bunch – we won’t and don't hide in fear.

But, there are those who question the need to have staff on our stations.

There are those who question the need to have robust safety and security measures in place.

These people are wrong.

At the last LU Company Council, TSSA submitted a paper highlighting our specific security concerns. Our members have been telling LUL for months and years that the Tory-led cuts are undermining staff and passenger safety and security.

Unfortunately, LUL refused to even discuss this item at the company wide level.

Unfortunately, it takes a major incident to concentrate minds.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has been in communication with the Mayor’s Office today to press for improved safety standards on TfL services. We have received a initially positive response and talks are planned for next week.

TSSA will continue to put to the LUL, TfL, DfT, the Mayor's Office and the Tory government our clear and consistent concerns and ideas to ensure safety is not compromised. We hope and trust that we will seek action as a result of these discussions and we are working tirelessly to ensure that is delivered for our members, the LUL & TfL workforce, passengers and all those that use our service.

Clearly, we need to allow a full investigation of the Parson’s Green incident to take place before jumping to any conclusions. But your Union strongly believes that a more robust approach which engages and involves unions around safety and security issues where there is a shared responsibility.

The Company’s failure to maintain proper staffing levels on stations is at the heart of the issue.

TSSA Reps, Organisers and staff are pushing hard to open up dialogue with LUL on how we can improve standards and staffing levels on London’s underground railway system.

We encourage members to contact local H&S Reps to discuss the security and safety concerns and issues at your station. You know better than anyone what is lacking and what needs to happen. TSSA will ensure your voices are heard by the senior management.

Further information will follow as the situation becomes clearer.

Stay strong, stay united and stay safe.

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