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Part-time Boris should go a year early

5 November 2014

London's "part-time" Mayor should quit a year early next April, the TSSA rail union said today.

Boris Johnson is too busy persuing his parliamentary and literary careers to properly carry out his day job as Mayor, warned union  general secretary Manuel Cortes.

Speaking at a union protest over plans to close all Tube ticket offices, he said:

"Boris has been all over the media like a rash promoting his new book on Churchill as well as touring the country speaking in support of his fellow Tory candidates for
next May's General Election.

"What he should be doing, of course, is actually concentrating on the job he is actually paid to do, Mayor of London looking after the interests of 9 million
people living in Greater London who need a full time leader.

"They say his Churchill book is an exercise in wish fulfilment, how a rebel comes to lead the Tory party in its hour of need.

"Well Boris is no Churchill, he would not even have been good enough to lace the great man's drinks, let alone his boots."

The rail union was demonstrating outside City Hall with the RMT over the Tube ticket office closures and the loss of 750 jobs by the end of 2015.

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