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Passengers will pay higher fares for worse service

4 September 2013

The ORR's draft determination is seeking a further £2bn cut in rail spending between 2014-2019 even though Network Rail had already offered substantive savings which will see passengers paying more for less reliable services, TSSA warned today.

TSSA today responded to the draft determination by urging the regulator to reconsider the reduction in funding given the inevitable impact on safety for passengers and railway workers.
“It will mean cuts to maintenance staff which will result in a less safe railway”, said union leader Manuel Cortes.
“Further cuts by the ORR will hit passengers and the workforce extremely hard," he said.
“Over the next five years, passengers will be facing inflation plus fare increases but will have to put up with a worsening service. Cutting maintenance staff and failing to tackle the structural problems in track renewals will result in increasing cancellations and delays as the infrastructure decays.
These cuts are sending out a very confused message from Ministers who are promising high speed travel in 15 years time. However, in the meantime, passengers will be paying more for less.”

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