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Pause in NTA Plans

18 November 2014

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The National Transport Authority (NTA), have plans to put out to tender 10% of the routes in Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann as per the present Governments goals i.e. privatisation of Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann.

TSSA and the other unions have met with the two Bus companies and the NTA over a long period under the auspices of the LRC, to collect financial and other information from the NTA and both bus companies.

In addition, the TSSA findings and some conclusions of these meetings are:

· The present Government are “ hell bent on privatisation”

· The NTA and Government have not given the total costs of privatisation to the public

· The government have sighted a European Directive, which is questionable and open to interpretation

· The NTA under instructions from the Government have tried to rush ahead and implement privatisation in the same way they tried to implement Water Charges

The TSSA and other Unions were adamant that this (pause in this process) must occur to allow all to view the NTA and the companies’ plans and to gather all information regarding privatisation.

Other unions are planning to meet with the Minister, in the opinion of TSSA, the Minister is only carrying out the government’s plans for privatisation, and the Minister has little or no influence over the Government.

Since this Ministers appointment TSSA have wrote on three separated occasions for a meeting and have not received any acknowledgement or invitation to meet with the Minister to date, however we will once again write to the Minister requesting a meeting with him, in expectation that he and his officials will meet with us, given the situation and circumstances have changed since the last time we requested a meeting. .

Be under no other illusion the outcome of this matter will have long and historic effects on the CIE and your terms and conditions and pensions in the long term, this is only the start of a process that could see the total privatisation of both companies. TSSA have alerting members about these plans recent years, and it seems some of our members have taken the attitude “it will never happen” well it is now happening.

TSSA would remind all that members within Bus Eireann will be reverting to their original T/Cs (Terms and conditions) 31/12 / 2014.

  Pause in NTA Plans

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