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Pay 2010 – Acceptance Of Offer

3 December 2010

At the last Merseyrail branch meeting held on 25th November 2010, members voted on the 2010 pay settlement. Separate votes were conducted for general and management grades. Both offers were accepted unanimously.

I have formally notified the company of TSSA’s acceptance and
they have confirmed that it will be included in the December
pay run.

Can I thank all those representatives who have been involved in
the pay claim this year, in particular Company Council rep Dave
Turner. It has been a long and protracted process, but your
representatives have ensured that the initial 1% offer put
forward by the company has been increased to reflect a
meaningful cost of living increase. The final accepted offer is:

**Year One: 3.7% or £650 (whichever is the greater) -
effective from 2010 anniversary dates.

**Year Two: RPI (based on February 2011 figure) or 3% or
£700 (whichever is the greater).

SMART Pensions
This offer was contingent on all existing general and
management grade employees in the Rail Pension Scheme being
automatically opted into the Merseyrail pension salary
sacrifice scheme following acceptance of the offer.

All employees brought into the scheme at this time will have
the option to opt out of the scheme upon written request within
28 days (details of opt out can be sought through contacting HR
on 0151 702 2749). Merseyrail have given a commitment that if
the SMART salary sacrifice scheme is withdrawn by the
government, the company will make up any employer related costs
and will not look to recover these costs from employees.

It is important that if any staff affected by this require
individual advice on their pensions they contact RPMI on 01325
342 829 as soon as possible.

Xmas Working Arrangements
Merseyrail have also given a commitment to review the position
on compensatory leave for General grades, where a Rest Day
falls on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or any day designated as a
substitute day by the government in respect of either of these
two days. A date will be arranged in early 2011 to commence
the review.

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