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Pay Claim

15 November 2010

Since our [last article->/article-87.php3?id_article=6292] we met with the company on 12 November 2010 to negotiate on pay for HQ Clerical and Management staff for 2010.

Meeting Update

Due to the representations made at previous meetings your TSSA representatives had made it clear that we wanted uplift in the last offer made. The company came back with an initial revised 2-year deal of:
- Year 1 = 4% (the company clarified that this was an increase in basic award of 3.4% to 3.6% with 0.4% extra in recognition of management activity and productivity improvements of the grade group)
- Year 2 = RPI + 0.25% or 3%, whichever is greater

There were no changes in their previous proposals regarding Special events days, Christmas day payments or commitments to decrease the hours worked of Managers at Canton. They did clarify that special event payments would only be increased following agreement being reached with TSSA and would not be backdated.

Staff side response

Whilst we recognised the increase in the offer we made it clear that we had received feedback from members who had heard about increases offered to other grade groups and expressed concerns regarding the erosion of the differential between different grades. We also queried if there was a possibility of moving the ‘0.25%’ from year two to add to year 1.

Furthermore there had been feedback from members that the Special Events payments should be higher and backdated to 1 July 2010 to help compensate for the fact that they hadn’t been re-evaluated for around 10 years.

We also stated that Management members wanted to be paid for on-call duties or working due to frost protection on both Christmas day and Boxing day extending the original proposal that covered Christmas day only.

Company Response

The company expressed disappointment that we were requesting a further increase to the pay offer especially after stating our aspirations of 4% for the first year at our last meeting. They felt that there was no issue in encouraging staff to work Special events days and stated that in the past these days had lost them money and had only recently broke even, so there was no incentive to increase the payments. They also stated they couldn’t give triple time or double time and a day in lieu for Christmas and Boxing Day, just Christmas day.

After a lot of hard work from your TSSA Staff reps the company came back with a Full and Final offer consisting of 2 options which the company told us to choose between before we were able to present the offer to our members:

| | Option 1 | Option 2 |
| Pay In Year 1 | 4.2% (backdated) | 4.25% (backdated) |
| Pay In Year 2 (based on May’s RPI figure) | RPI or 3%, whichever is greater (moving the 0.25% from Year 2 to Year 1, recognising it would have a higher value in year 1) | RPI or 3%, whichever is greater (moving the 0.25% from Year 2 to Year 1, in it’s entirety) |
| Special Events Payments | Event Delivery = £200
Event Support = £130 | Event Delivery = £175
Event Support = £130 |
| Backdating of Special events payments | 01 July 2010 (anniversary date) | 01 July 2010 (anniversary date) |
| Managers festive period On-Call Payment | Christmas day and Boxing day | Christmas Day only |

Next Steps:

Having discussed the 2 options and the fact that this was, at last, a full and final offer from the company, the reps voted unanimously to accept Option 1, as this would give the greatest range of benefits to members on the whole. Having done a lot of work to secure the best deal that we could we are now recommending you accept Option 1 above.

We will now open up a referendum ballot to gather your views on the above offer. We will do this in 2 ways:
- If you receive the link for this article via email we will gather responses electronically via Survey Monkey (please have your membership number to hand so that we can verify you are a member of TSSA)
- If you receive this via paper then you will receive a paper ballot form to complete and send back.

Please ensure responses reach us by Tuesday 7 December 2010.

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