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Pay Claim 2010

15 October 2010

Since our [last article->/article-87.php3?id_article=6229] we met with the company on 14 October 2010 to negotiate on your pay rise for 2010.

Latest Offer

In our last meeting we advised the company that given the current Retail Price Index (RPI) figures having been around 5% for 2010 and given the increase in profit reserves the company has built up. That we felt an offer of a minimum of 4% in year 1 and RPI + 0.5% or 3% (whichever is greater) In Year 2 might be acceptable to our members.

The company advised that after taking our previous proposals to the ATW Board that their ‘Best offer’ was a 2-year pay deal of:

- Year 1 = 3.8%
- Year 2 = RPI + 0.25% or 3% whichever is greater

They also gave details on some of the other elements of TSSA’s pay claim:
- Uplifts to special event payments – The Company provided us with proposals on a Special event working procedure. Comprising of, fixed one off payments for all Management & HQ Clerical staff on the basis of £175 for ‘Event Delivery Team’, holding specialist roles to discharge on the day and £125 for ‘Event Support Team’ who have a more customer facing role on the day.
- Extra payment for working over the festive period – For essential Management staff having to work Christmas day they will receive triple time or a day in lieu as a permanent change to their Terms and conditions.
- A commitment to revue the situation on managers working in Canton Depot who currently work 42 hours per week with an aim to reducing this to a maximum of 40 hours.

Staff side response

After us stating that we couldn’t accept some Clerical grades potentially receiving less than they do now if we accepted an offer of £125 for ‘Event Support Team’ roles the company agreed to increase this to £130.

For Management members we again pushed for assurances that there could be no erosion of pay between them and those that they manage if different deals were made with other grade groups. The Company’s position is still that they won’t agree to any automatic rise to prevent erosion.

TSSA asked the company if this was a Final Offer and all that they were prepared to say was that this was their ‘Best Offer’, as they have said to us in previous meetings.

We made it clear that whilst the offer is closer to our aspirations that as it wasn’t a Final offer we couldn’t in all faith take it back to our members to vote on. We asked the company to increase the offer for Year 1. Whilst they had introduced a minimum guarantee of 3% for Year 2, as the RPI + 0.25% hadn’t changed since the last offer we asked them to look into providing a minimum payment to assist our lowest paid members.

What Next

To ensure your views are taken on board we need you to speak to your representatives and give us your views.

In the last article I called on members in the HQ clerical bargaining group to come forward as representatives to fill the 3 vacancies that we have and assist Cheryl O’Brien as HQ Clerical company council representative.

As we’ve had some interest for this I want to formally open up the nomination process to ensure that this process is fair. If we receive more nomination forms than we have vacancies then we will run an election.

The vacant Posts are:

- 2 x Local Rep positions
- 1 x Company Council position

Click here for a list of roles in various directorates that are included in the collective bargaining group. If you are in any of these groups and interested in doing more for yourself and your fellow TSSA members then please contact me] and I will send you the necessary Nomination form. This will have details of where to send it once completed, please contact me by no later than 29 October 2010 with a view to me receiving completed nomination forms by 8 November.

Once the company does make a final offer we will write out to members asking for their views. If you have colleagues in management grades or in the HQ Clerical bargaining group who aren’t TSSA members then they won’t have say in this process. Please encourage them to join before the next meeting on 12 November 2010 so that they can have a say on what we do next.

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