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Pay Claim 2011

6 April 2011

Update on the outcome of our first meeting with the company on your 2011-pay offer.

Pay offer

The company outlined that they had taken on board the trade unions previous concerns that the 2009/2010 pay talks had taken too long to resolve. As such they wanted to cut to the chase and offer a pay deal which they felt could be acceptable to all. They noted that some of the trade unions had submitted non-pay related items in their claims and advised that they weren’t in a position to offer any of those elements and so the offer would include ‘no strings’.

They advised that their intention was to offer a full and final amount over 2 years for all those staff not already covered by a pay award for 2011 or 2012, effective from the relevant grade anniversary dates:

- Year 1 = 5.5% (due to the tradition of basing previous claims on February’s Retail Prices index or RPI which this is equal too)
- Year 2 = 3% or RPI, whichever is greater (RPI based on February 2012’s figure)

TSSA expressed its gratitude for taking on our previous feedback and acknowledged this refreshing approach to pay negotiations.

What Happens next?

After talking to your company council reps they unanimously recommended accepting the offer. I then canvassed all of the TSSA reps from around the company whether Divisional reps, Local staff reps, Health & Safety reps or Union learning reps to get their views, again their feedback was positive.

TSSA believes in being democratic and listening to your views and although the early indications are that this offer would be accepted by the wider membership I will be organising a referendum ballot to get your views which will close on Wednesday 27 April 2011.

We recommend that you vote to accept the offer, vote yes!

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