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Pay Claim 2011

8 March 2011

Your reps recently met with your employer to discuss this year’s pay for staff all RPMI staff covered by the collective bargaining agreement (i.e all clerical and management grades [CO to M3] ) for both London and Darlington offices.

This was the first joint pay talks between the TSSA and both sites. Special mention must be given to your workplace reps who very professional manner.

The company was presented with the TSSA pay claim for a rise in line with the cost of living rises and various other factors. Having considered the claim the company came back with the following proposal;

1) The pay medians for Grades based in London will increase as follows:

Grade Median Increase

M3 - 4%

M2 - 2%

M1 - 2%

CO - 3%

Overall % - 2.75%

And for Darlington will increase as follows:

E - 4%

D - 2%

C - 2%

B - 2%

A - 3%

Overall % - 2.6%

The new medians will be published shortly.

2) In line with rpmi Conditions of Service, individual movements through the pay scales will be made subject to good performance.

3) An increase in 20 year service, retirement gift and retirement payment from £400 to £500 tax free for each event.

The Company reiterated its commitment to regular Joint Working Party meetings (involving both locations) and this was welcomed by the staff reps.

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