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Pay Consultation Outcome

31 March 2011

As previous advised ([click for details->/article-183.php3?id_article=6526]) consultation with our members on this year’s RSSB pay offer closed on Friday. I wrote to the company on Monday to accept the offer as negotiated at the meeting on 23 March 2011.

Following consultation, your reps communicated a view that the deal falls short of our members’ aspirations to maintain their salary and conditions at a level which at least matches the rate of inflation and travel cost increases. However, the feedback from members favoured accepting the deal, which will be put into effect on the next pay date. I am awaiting formal acknowledgement of the acceptance letter, which you can see here.

A Step in the Right Direction but Still Some Way to Go

According to the feedback your reps received, our members viewed this year’s offer of 4.5% for the lower earners and 4.0% for those on £65,000 or more and 3.5% for the Executive Management team as relatively reasonable when compared to the previous two years’ offers. The additional aspects should go some way towards improving conditions for staff. Last year you made it clear that you would accept 0% on the basis of a better deal in 2011. If you want to see your reps negotiate an improvement on this year’s deal in 2012 we need to increase our strength in your workplace. Don’t forget that reps will assist members in a range of issues in addition to pay negotiations. With the Value for Money Study led by Sir Roy McNulty due to be published before the summer, your representatives need to hear your concerns and issues to bring them to the negotiating table. The same applies for the imminent arrival of the three yearly pension scheme valuation.

Is Your Job Family Friendly Enough?

Last May, a number of family friendly policies were introduced at RSSB. We believe that improvements to aspects such as increased childcare flexibility may benefit some of our members. Please speak to your reps If you feel that more flexibility is required to address your work-life balance.

Union Learning at RSSB

The company have committed to commencing discussions towards formulating a union learning agreement which we anticipate will include provision of at least one Union Learning Representative (ULR). This individual would be trained to assess colleagues’ learning requirements and develop and deliver training courses both for career oriented and personal development. Further details should be available soon. In the meantime, the company gave a commitment that internal training is available to all staff, including relevant university degree courses for lower bands. Make sure your managers are aware of your training needs and make full use of your entitlements to training.

National Joining Week

Next Monday, April 4, sees the start of TSSA’s first National Joining Week. As part of this initiative to introduce colleagues to the benefits of joining your union, your reps are arranging an open door session and recruitment day. This will provisionally take place in the Library, Thursday April 7 between 1130 and 1330 (look out confirmation from your reps through internal communication). Please encourage any colleagues who may not yet be members to come along, talk about their issues and join your union. I will be in attendance along with your reps so feel free to join us, better still, bring a colleague with you.

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