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Pay negotiations 2011

11 March 2011

East Midlands Trains has made a ‘best and final offer’ to TSSA following pay negotiations last week, the details of which were published in the company’s ‘News Flash’.

The offer falls well short of the aspirations of your TSSA reps, particularly when compared with a pay rise of 5.2% which will be received this year by colleagues in Stagecoach’s other TOC, South West Trains. Virgin Trains (49% owned by Stagecoach) and East Coast staff will receive around 5.5% depending on the February inflation figure.

The pay talks covered the following: Station, Retail & Revenue Protection, Support Staff (all support clerical staff including those in Stations and Fleet, Train Crew Supervisors, Control Staff), On Train, Senior Conductors.

A concern of the TSSA reps is that in option 1, the company is seeking to divide the grades by offering differing awards. Foe example, Senior Conductors are being offered a reduction of 2 hours in the working week over two years, an offer not being made to other grades. This smacks of a ‘divide and conquer’ tactic, aimed at diluting our collective strength.

The key points of the two options are shown below:

Option 1
- 2.5% cost of living increase on basic pay (no increase in allowances)
- additional day of annual leave for employees that have completed 5 years continuous service
- withdrawal of the booking on payment for former Central Trains Station Supervisors but an increase in payment to time and a quarter pay on all Sundays hours worked
- An increase in Sunday rates of pay to time and a quarter for all former Central Trains station staff

Option 2
- A 3% increase on basic pay.

So EMT is offering a pay CUT in real terms when the offer is considered against the current inflation figure of 5.1%. Option 1 offers bigger cuts for some than others, while Option 2 is the same cut for all! Some choice! Mindful of the pay rises that your colleagues in the other two Stagecoach TOCs will receive, your reps and your union believe that this offer is an insult, and should be rejected.

TSSA Pay Referendum

TSSA strongly believes that the members concerned should have the final say on a pay offer, so now it is over to you. Please complete the referendum ballot paper which has been sent to members and return it to TSSA Head Office. If you agree with the reps and vote to reject the offer, be prepared to take some form of action to back up your stance.

Support Staff Representation

Support Staff (all support clerical staff including those in Stations and Fleet, Train Crew Supervisors, Control Staff) were not represented by reps at the pay talks. This needs to be remedied if further discussions take place. If you are in the Support function there is still a vacancy for the Functional Council rep seat. If you are a member and would be interested in seeking nomination for this position, please contact Tony Barrable, Regional Organiser, by email]. Make sure you have a voice!

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